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Organizations, Civil Society, and the Roots of Development

Naomi Lamoreaux and John Wallis, Organizers

October 24-25, 2014

NBER, 1050 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA



Friday, October 24


8:00 am

Van from the Sonesta



8:00 am

Continental Breakfast





9:00 am

Naomi Lamoreaux and John Wallis, “Introduction”





9:15 am

Margaret Levi, Stanford University



Barry Weingast, Stanford University



Opening Access by Ending the Violence Trap






Walter Powell, Stanford University



Victoria Johnson, University of Michigan



Poisedness and Propagation: Organizational Emergence and the Transformation of Civic Order in 19th-Century New York City






Discussant: Avinash Dixit, Princeton University





11:15 am

Coffee Break





11:30 am

Daniel Bogart, University of California at Irvine



Securing the East India Monopoly: Politics, Institutional Change, and the Security of British Property Rights Revisited






Discussant:  Richard S. Grossman, Wesleyan University





12:30 pm






1:30 pm

Qian Lu, University of Maryland



John J. Wallis, University of Maryland and NBER



Banks, Politics, and Political Parties: From Partisan Banking to Open Access in Early Massachusetts






Eric Hilt, Wellesley College and NBER



General Incorporation and the Shift toward Open Access in the Nineteenth-Century United States






Discussant: William Novak, University of Michigan





3:30 pm

Coffee Break





3:45 pm

Barry Weingast, Stanford University



From “The Lowest State of Poverty and Barbarism” to The Opulent Commercial Society: Adam Smith’s Theory of Violence and the Political Economics of Development






Jacob T. Levy, McGill University



Corps Intermédiaires, Civil Society, and the Art of Association






Discussant:  Emma Rothschild, Harvard University





5:45 pm

Adjourn and van to the Sonesta





7:00 pm

Dinner, Bambara, in the Hotel Marlowe (across the street from the Sonesta)








Saturday, October 25


8:00 am

Van from the Sonesta

8:00 am

Continental Breakfast



9:00 am

Ruth H. Bloch, University of California at Los Angeles


Naomi R. Lamoreaux, Yale University and NBER


Legal Constraints on the Development of American Non-Profit Groups, 1750-1900




Richard R. W. Brooks, Columbia University


Timothy Guinnane, Yale University


The Right to Associate and the Rights of Associations: Civil-Society Organizations in Prussia, 1794-1908




Discussant:  Jonathan Levy, Princeton University



11:00 am

Coffee Break



11:15 am

Discussion and Wrap up

12:15 pm