Summer Institute 2013

Code   Workshop   Date   Organizer  
ME   Monetary Economics   07/08-07/12   Romer/Romer  
EFCE   Impulse and Propagation Mechanisms   07/08-07/12   Christiano/Eichenbaum  
DAE   Development of the American Economy   07/08-07/11   Bleakley/Frydman/Libecap  
IFM   International Finance & Macroeconomics   07/08-07/12   Devereux/Gourinchas  
CF   Corporate Finance   07/08-07/09   Baker/Becker  
ITI   International Trade & Investment   07/08-07/11   Redding/Verhoogen  
EFWW   Forecasting & Empirical Methods in Macro & Finance   07/09-07/12   Timmermann/Wright  
ITM   International Trade & Macroeconomics   07/09-07/09   Ghironi /Redding  
FED   The First 100 Years of the Federal Reserve   07/10-07/10   Kashyap/Romer/Romer  
IAP   International Asset Pricing   07/10-07/10   Lewis  
Risk   Risks of Financial Institutions   07/10-07/11   Carey/Stulz  
AP   Asset Pricing   07/11-07/12   Andersen/Jagannathan  
EFSF   Dynamic Equilibrium Models   07/11-07/12   Aruoba/Fernandez-Villaverde/Schorfheide  
MEFM   Finance & Macro Meeting (joint w/ the Monetary Economics group)   07/12-07/12   Metrick/Ordonez/Scharfstein  
CRA   Economics of Credit Rating Agencies Workshop   07/12-07/13   Spatt  
EFJK   Economic Growth   07/12-07/12   Jones/Klenow  
EFG   Economic Fluctuations & Growth Research Meeting   07/13-07/13   Klenow/Ramey  
EFMB   Macroeconomics Within and Across Borders   07/15-07/15   Aguiar/Kehoe/Wright  
PRCR   NBER/CRIW workshop   07/15-07/16   Basu/Bloom/Corrado/Hulten  
EFPD   Price Dynamics   07/15-07/16   Hall/Jaimovich/Nevo/Simester  
PRMP   Macroeconomics and Productivity (joint w/ PRCR/CRIW in the afternoon)   07/16-07/16   Basu/Bloom/Syverson  
ML   Methods Lectures: Econometric Methods for High-Dimensional Data    07/15-07/16   Chernozhukov, Gentzkow, Hansen, Shapiro, and Taddy  
EFACR   Aggregate Implications of Micro Consumption Behavior   07/15-07/19   Attanasio/ Carroll/Rios-Rull  
EFEL   Capital Markets and the Economy   07/15-07/17   Lucas/Yaron  
EFRSW   Macro Perspectives   07/15-07/19   Rogerson/Shimer/Wright  
POL   Political Economy   07/15-07/16   Alesina  
PRIPE   Innovation Policy and the Economy   07/15-07/15   Azoulay/Furman  
PRENT   Entrepreneurship   07/16-07/16   Lerner/Schoar  
EFBGZ   Income Distribution and Macroeconomics   07/16-07/18   Benabou/Galor/Zilibotti  
PRPD   Productivity, Development and Entrepreneurship   07/18-07/18   Bloom/Hsieh/Woodruff  
PRIPP   Intellectual Property Policy and Innovation   07/17-07/17   Stern/Jones  
PEPF   Political Economy Public Finance   07/17-07/17   Coate/Golosov  
MPF   Macro Public Finance   07/18-07/18   Krueger/Tsyvinski  
PRIT   Economics of IT and Digitization   07/18-07/19   Athey/Brynjolfsson/Greenstein/Varian  
HF   Household Finance   07/19-07/20   Madrian/Zeldes  
IO   Industrial Organization   07/19-07/20   Scott Morton/Collard-Wexler  
HE   Health Economics   07/22-07/23   Grossman/Joyce  
EEE   Environmental and Energy Economics   07/22-07/23   Cropper/Williams  
LS   Labor Studies   07/22-07/26   Card  
AW   Aging   07/22-07/26   Wise  
PENS   Economics of National Security   07/22-07/22   Feldstein  
PETSI   Public Econ: Taxation and Social Insurance (joint w/ Labor)   07/23-07/23   Card/Chetty/Finkelstein  
URB   Urban Economics   07/22-07/22   Glaeser  
PERE   Economics of Real Estate & Local Public Finance   07/23-07/24   Gyourko/Mayer/Sinai  
MFL   Martin Feldstein Lecture - Lawrence Summers   07/24-07/24   Poterba  
PESS   Social Security Working Group (joint w/ Aging)   07/24-07/24   Samwick  
ED   Education   07/24-07/24   Hoxby  
LE   Law and Economics   07/24-07/25   Jolls  
PPL   Personnel Economics   07/24-07/25   Lazear/Shaw  
CH   Children (Joint w/ Labor Studies)   07/25-07/25   Currie  
DEV   Development Economics   07/25-07/26   Duflo/Thomas/Udry  
CRI   Economics of Crime   07/25-07/26   Cook/Ludwig/McCrary  
HC   Health Care   07/25-07/26   Gruber   

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